4 thoughts on “Beautiful Walk Up Old Fall River Road In RMNP”

  1. Even if it doesn’t open by the time we get there in July I want to try walking up it. We’ve never done that only driven it. Can’t wait to see Estes in person, not just the webcams.

  2. Hi, We usually drive on Trail Ridge Road. I never even KNEW about the old road that is dirt and a one way until this sumer. Cool!! Well, after arriving home in Iowa my thoughts are back to daydreaming about the mountains and trails. I am thinking about walking up Old Fall Road next summer. Please tell me a few things like how long it took, is there usually plenty of room for walkers and drivers? Also, I guess one of us has to drive up so we can drive down. I am assuming there would not be enough daylight or time and energy to walk down too. I also am assuming they won’t let you stay the night up near the top by Trail Ridge visitor’s center. Thanks for your time!!!

  3. Carol, I do not know if you are allowed to walk up the road when it is open in the summer. It would be very dusty and very dangerous, due to the cars going by on such narrow road. We hiked up off-season when it is closed to traffic. No dust, no cars, an occasional biker and beautiful scenery.

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