The Birch Ruins Has Beautiful Views On Willow Knolls In Estes Park


The Birch Ruins sit high up on the hill of Willow Knolls behind the Estes Park Library and Town Hall in Estes Park. Al G. Birch was a newspaper reporter and publicist for the Denver Post. He loved Estes Park and wanted to build his dream house high on a cliff with incredible views of the mountains. Unfortunately, a carpenter ran floor joists under the fireplace so the house burned to the ground on a bitterly cold night in December, 1907.

You can park your car in the parking lot across from the Stanley Hotel and walk the path up to the Birch Ruins. Or you can park behind the library and hike across the bridge and around to the trails to the birch ruins.

The Birch Ruins sit on top of Willow Knolls which is a beautiful park in itself. The wildflowers are gorgeous and the view of the mountains and Lake Estes are stunning. It’s a short walk or hike and worth the effort.

Yesterday Phil and I were there taking some photographs of the beautiful wildflowers, mountain views and the ruins as they look over the town of Estes Park. Willow Knolls  is rarely crowded and very pretty. On our way back to the car a mother deer and her little baby ran around in front of us. They were just adorable and so much fun to see! You never know when you’ll see some wildlife in Estes Park!

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8 thoughts on “The Birch Ruins Has Beautiful Views On Willow Knolls In Estes Park”

  1. Rob and I were just wondering what those ruins were on Saturday when we were up there. We had never noticed them before! Thanks for the info!

  2. Mel, the kids and I hiked up to the ruins last week, there was an engraving in the concrete ‘BILLY’. Do you know the story behind that?

  3. Rob, I do not know the story behind BILLy, nor could I find it anywhere. Does anyone else know the story behind the engraving BILLY at the Burch Ruins in Estes Park, Colorado?

  4. How difficult is the “hike” to the Birch Ruins/Knoll from the library parking lot? Is there much uphill? I’ll be visiting the area in early December, and was wondering whether access was easier from the library or Stanley Hotel? I live in flat Florida and am out of shape to begin with, plus I know the high altitude is going to make breathing a bit more difficult.

  5. So glad i stumbled upon this, seeing the picture taken from there and always wondering where it was from. Stayed in Estes for Christmas and tried to figure it out without any luck. Also from Ct. ( Hamden ) and have lived in Colorado for about 8 years now and spend as much time as possible in Estes Park.

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