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The full “honey moon” over the mountains last Friday night was just gorgeous! We watched it creep up over the horizon and it was huge in the sky!

I set my camera way down and got this photograph. Amazing, huh? Did you get to see it? We were so lucky there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!


4 Responses to “Spectacular Honey Moon Last Friday Night Over The Rocky Mountains”

  1. Carrie says:

    Hi. I am not familiar with the term ‘honey moon’. Does that pertain to the color??
    Neat pic thx.

  2. Mel says:

    Carrie, I read that term “honey moon” on the news. I presume because it was the color of honey. Does anyone else have any other idea?

  3. Manny says:

    Wow, Mel! An absolutely perfect shot of a perfect moon of a most unusual and delightful color. Bless you for the treat.

  4. Linda O. says:

    Out of this world! :-)

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