Mamma Elk And Her New Baby Twins In Estes Park


Phil and I were taking a walk near Lake Estes yesterday when we saw several female elk. Two were lying in the high grasses. We thought they were waiting for just the right time to have their babies. They were very content just resting there and they were pretty well hidden.

Then we saw a female elk walking through the brush, followed by two little baby elk. They were just adorable as they ran to keep up with mom. They ate for a bit before mom hid them in the high grasses while she went out to find some more food. You could hardly see them, they were hidden so well.

We were so lucky to happen to be there at the right time and see these two adorable little ones.  I had never seen baby elk twins before!

Be very careful if you see a female elk and her babies. Stay far, far away. They will fight you to protect them and can be very dangerous!

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One thought on “Mamma Elk And Her New Baby Twins In Estes Park”

  1. Great photo Mel! Thank you for putting in the warning–would hate to see someone get hurt.

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