High Waters On The Big Thompson River And Fall River In Estes Park



The high temeprartures the past few days in Estes Park, the fast melting of the snow in the mountains and big thunderstorms have made the waters very high in Estes Park. Many of the walkways and parking lots are sandbagged so the water will stay in the rivers. The confluence of the Big Thompson River and Fall River made for some very high waters that were very close to the bridge on East Riverside Drive. The high waters brought many people downtown to see the rapids on the Big Thompson River along the Riverwalk. The waters have not been this high since 1996 when the snowmelt from the mountainswas also very quick.

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One thought on “High Waters On The Big Thompson River And Fall River In Estes Park”

  1. We camped in RMNP this last weekend and couldn’t believe how high the water was everywhere. We have never seen Moraine Park or Horseshoe Valley with the rivers overflowing like that. Even Endovalley had water overflowing in the picnic area making new streams. I am glad there hasn’t been more damage or loss of life/business. Thank you for posting these great photos.

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