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Fish Creek Trail Is A Great Walk In Estes Park, CO To See Birds And Wildlife


Many time when it gets windy by Lake Estes, Phil and I will take a walk along Fish Creek Trail. It’s such a pretty trail, winding along s little stream on one side and the golf course on the other. Whenever we go there we see a great assortment of birds and wildlife.

The other day was a bit windy so we decided to try Fish Creek Trail. What a treat! In about 3/4  hour we saw 3 Kingfishers squabbling in the sky, many Ravens flying about, 2 Goldfinches flitting from tree to tree, Nuthatches playing on the trunks of the trees, a Downy Woodpecker drumming on a tree, a few Robins looking for worms, about 8-10  bluebirds flitting from post to post and 3 coyotes walking along the stream. It was awesome!

You never know what you’ll see there, but there is always something. This morning was just amazing. Every time we turned around something else caught our eye. It’s a pretty trail and goes for quite a ways if you want to go for a longer walk.

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The Pasqueflowers Are Blooming On Black Canyon Trail On Lumpy Ridge In RMNP

It was a gorgeous sunny day with the forecast in the low 60s. Phil and I got our cameras out and went wildflower hunting on Black Canyon Trail. It’s a gorgeous trail with views of Twin Owls and Lumpy Ridge.

We found many new buds with wildflowers to come but this one was just beautiful! The Pasqueflower is one of the first wildflowers to bloom in the spring. We got there early when there was still some dew and ice particles on the closed Pasqueflowers. But as the day warmed up, the flowers bloomed and this is what I got.  I thought it was just spectacular! What a beautiful flower and such a nice welcome to spring.

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The Bluebirds Are Back In Estes Park, CO And Rocky Mountain National Park!

You know it’s almost spring when the bluebirds migrate back to Estes Park. I saw them a couple of weeks ago and knew the warmer weather would soon be here.

It was very windy by Lake Estes so Phil and I were taking a walk on Fish Creek Trail. It’s a little more secluded there. We heard a lot of birds chirping away in the trees,

Bluebirds love to land on fence posts and things sticking out of the ground about waist height. This particular bluebird had landed on this old tree trunk. He was so pretty perched up there. I tried to take a picture as he flew away and this is what I got.

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My First Wildflower Of The Season In Estes Park, CO!

As I was walking into town the other day I was looking for the elk. They are usually around and always so much fun to see. As I rounded the tall rocks on West Elkhorn Ave. I looked down and saw something that looked pinkish. I stopped and looked again.

Nestled in the rocks was my first wildflower of the season. It was so pretty and such a treat to see a wildflower in the end of March.

I came home and looked in my plant book to try to identify it. It wasn’t quite totally bloomed but it looks like a Wild Geranium to me. Maybe when it gets  little bigger, I’ll be able to see exactly what kind of flower it is. So, instead of always looking up, it’s time to start looking down when you take a walk or hike. You never know what you’ll find!

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The Alluvial Fan In Rocky Mountain National Park Is Still Frozen But Get Ready!

The Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park is still frozen but you can see little waterfalls starting to form from the melting snow and ice. Like the Big Thompson River, in the springtime it will be a raging waterfall.

The story of the Alluvial Fan is most interesting. If you do hike up to the falls, take a few minutes to read about the catastrophe that occurred in 1982 when the dam at Lawn Lake broke and sent millions of gallons of water down through Horseshoe Park, the campground and down into Estes Park.

It’s a very pretty place for a picnic (in season), a short hike or bring your binoculars and do a little bird watching.

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