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I saw my first Hummingbird of the season this morning outside our bedroom window. I’ve heard them the past couple of days but this is the first that I’ve seen! Happy May Day!

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The Bicycle Tour of Colorado On Monday, June 20th

On Monday, June 20, The Bicycle Tour of Colorado will be travelling through Rocky Mountain National Park over Trail Ridge Road.  With up to 1,500 participants, park visitors should be prepared for heavy cycling traffic with numerous temporary delays during the morning hours.  The tour begins in Estes Park at 5:30 a.m. and follows US Highway 34 through the Fall River Entrance through Grand Lake to Granby via Trail Ridge Road.  Most cycling participants should be off the highway by 2:00 p.m.

Please share the road and drive safely.


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New Baby Elk With Mama Outside Our Bedroom Window In Estes Park

Yesterday morning I noticed a lone female elk wandering up the mountain outside our house, eating along the way. Female elk at this time of year usually travel with many other female elk and their little ones, so I was surprised to see this one alone. At one point she stopped near some rocks and stood there for quite a while. I got my binoculars out wondering if she were going to have a baby. I watched for a long time. She was very quiet and just stood there cleaning herself. Finally she left and meandered up into the rocks where I lost view of her. I kept thinking about her all day.

I woke up this morning about 5:45 am and put my glasses on just to see if there was any wildlife outside our bedroom window. (We don’t have any shades on our windows….there’s just too much to see!) And there I saw Mama Elk up on the hill with a little baby elk following right behind her! They were adorable! Mama was very protective and they moved with good speed down the hill. The mothers usually find a secluded place to hide their babies for a while  so no predators will find them. I wonder where she was headed…

It sure has been a exciting morning so far!

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It Snowed A Lot In Rocky Mountain National Park Yesterday!

Phil and I took a ride into Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday and got as far as Old Fall River Road and then we turned around. It was cloudy and snowy and you could see the huge clouds lingering over the mountains. The sign at the Entrance Ranger Station said that Trail Ridge Road was closed at Many Parks Curve now. Last Monday you could drive as far as Rainbow Curve, which is about 4-5 miles further. They must be doing a lot of plowing! Wonder if it will open for Memorial Day weekend?

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