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Pretty Red Berries Remind Me Of The Holidays In RMNP


I took this photograph last summer while I was on the Cub Lake Loop Trail. I thought it was so pretty and the deep red and green reminded me of the holidays. I thought this would be a perfect time to post it on my Blog.

However, I cannot find out what it is. It looks like a boxwood leaf but the berries look totally different in the book that I have. And then I wondered if it was a Kinnikinnick. The leaves look similar and they do get red berries at the end of the season. Can anyone help me out?

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My California Poppies Were Blooming Here In Estes Park Up Until The End Of October When It Snowed!


The growing season here seemed very long this past fall. Flowers that you thought would have gone by weeks ago were still blooming!

My Blue Flax was still gorgeous. It seemed to have had a second life around the middle of September. They usually don’t bloom past the middle of August.

And these California Poppies didn’t start blooming at all until the middle of September. They were nestled into the rock wall and looked like this until the snow came a couple of weeks ago.

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Mrs. Walsh’s Garden In Estes Park Is Beautiful In Any Season


Stroll into serenity when you enter Mrs. Walsh’s Garden.  Visitors to the Garden will find respite as they walk through this mountain garden or sit on a bench to rest.  Whether you are an avid gardener or simply enjoy the abundant colors of nature, Mrs. Walsh’s Garden will awaken your senses as you enjoy the flora of life zones from the foothills to the alpine tundra.

A winding footpath will lead you to a quiet pond accompanied by a small waterfall.   Other garden elements that can also be found include: a beautiful bronze statue, a dry stream bed, sitting nooks, garden art, and an abundance of flowers and plants native to the surrounding Rocky Mountain Region.  As you travel through the Garden, you will see plant displays that are well-identified, native to the foothills, montane, subalpine, and alpine life zones.

Mrs. Walsh’s Garden is a community treasure that began with the enthusiasm and vision of Judy Lamy.  With her gracious purchase of the land in 1996, she was able to begin the project in honor of her grandmother, Mrs. Winifred Walsh. Today, Estes Park residents and seasonal visitors are able to enjoy the garden for pleasure, inspiration and education.

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The Colorado State Flower, The Columbine, Is Still Blooming On The Black Lake Trail In RMNP


I was hiking up Black Lake Trail on Tuesday when I saw a field of wildflowers. I couldn’t believe it! There were Columbine, Senecio, Bistort, Asters and Indian Paintbrush. I was pretty close to Black Lake so the elevation must’ve been  about 10,000 feet. I thought that the wildflowers that high had died weeks ago.

The wildflowers were all nestled against a rock wall that was pretty high and pretty wet but in the shade for most of the day. It was just such a treat to see these beautiful wildflowers blooming in October!


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The Pearly Everlasting Look Just Like Little Pearls In Rocky Mountain National Park


The Pearly Everlasting look just like little white pearl beads when they are almost ready to bloom. They are a perennial herb and grow to about 10-8-cm tall. The little white flower-heads are white (sometimes pinkish) and about 5 cm across with about 5 white ray florets and 10-30 yellowish disc florets. There are many of these florets in flat-topped clusters of about 2-10 cm across.

The Pearly Everlasting grow from May until September so you still may be able to see some on the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. They might be past their peak and may look a little more fuzzy at this time of year.

There is a huge grove of them on the Black Canyon Trail just after you go through the chain across the fence that leads across private property. They were still blooming the last time I looked!

In this photograph the flowers are just starting to bloom.


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