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Lumpy Ridge And The Clouds From Lake Estes Were Spectacular After The Snow!


The sky and clouds were spectacular from Lake Estes after the snow the other day. I think the photographs and colors are magnificent. Look at those clouds still over the mountains!

What do you think?

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Wild Turkeys Love to Roam Around In Estes Park!


I haven’t seen the wild turkeys very much this winter. But yesterday I was taking a walk down Fall River Road and saw 10 of them pecking around, looking for food right near  Castle Mountain Lodge.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I took a picture with my phone.

They were all huge! The “rafter” (new word for me…it means a large group of turkeys) of turkeys numbered 10. I’m not sure if this was the same group as before or a new one, as the blonde turkey was not there. They just looked up at me and continued eating away!

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The Hike To Dream Lake And Emerald Lake In RMNP Is Always Spectacular!


The hike from Bear Lake to Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is always spectacular…especially in the winter! The skies are so blue and the snow is so pretty.

Many people hike or snowshoe this trail in the winter. Others who are very adventuresome, will put their skins on their downhill skis and ski up to Emerald Lake and then ski down.

On  the way to Dream Lake from Nymph Lake the trail narrows considerably so you need to go single file. We were lucky that the trail was fairly packed down when we passed by. It was  a gorgeous day when Phil took this photograph!

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Guess This Was Why It’s Named The Elkhorn Lodge!


As I was driving on the dirt road to the Elkhorn Lodge the other day, there were 8 Bull Elk just walking around, munching on the grass. I sat in my car and just stared at all of them. They are so beautiful and so huge! Many of them were 6 pointers…the “Men’s Club” was here. I grabbed my camera, hoping to get a good shot when this big guy walked right in front of the Elkhorn Lodge sign. He seemed to stop and admire the sign too. That must be why it was named the Elkhorn Lodge! There certainly are a lot of elk around.

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The Sun Shining On The Blown Snow On Cub Lake Road In RMNP

On another drive through Rocky Mountain National Park I told Phil to pull over on Cub Lake Road. The snow shining on the blown snow was just so pretty.  It was about 1:00 in the afternoon, but it looks a lot later in this photograph to me. Again, it looks like a black and white photograph, even though I didn’t take it as black and white.

I really like the composition and just what the sun did to the snow. What do you think?

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