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A Red Admiral Butterfly On Fern Lake Road In Rocky Mountain National Park!



I have loved photographing butterflies this past summer! I’ve seen so many that I’ve never seen before and gotten some interesting photographs.

I was hiking down the Fern Lake Road after a hike when I saw this Red Admiral Butterfly flitting around. I followed it until it landed on this aspen. Every time I got too close it would camouflage its wings so it was hard to get that “perfect” photo op! I thought this one was ok…you can see what kind of butterfly it is and some of its beautiful colors of black red and white. It is nestled right against the aspen where the elk have mangled it, so it may be a bit hard to see.

According to my butterfly book, the Red Admiral is brownish-black above, with semicircular reddish-orange bands. Its forewings are spotted white. It lives in meadows and woodland edges (which is where I saw it) and is usually around from May to August but sometimes stays a bit into the fall.

Pretty butterfly, don’t you think?

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The Purple Lupine Wildflowers Are Blooming By Fall River In Estes Park



The purple Lupine wildflowers are just gorgeous on Fall River in Estes Park. All of the rain that we’ve had lately in certainly making for some beautiful wildflowers!

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The Berries On The Mountain Ash Are Gorgeous In Rocky Mountain National Park!



The Mountain Ash is blooming and gorgeous in Rocky Mountain National Park! The red, glossy berries are just beautiful! I’ve seen them off of Fall River Road and around Sprague Lake.

The Mountain Ash has white flowers in the summer which turn into deep orange to scarlet berries in the fall.

If you find one bush there are usually many dense clusters of berries on it. Just look around for the perfect photo! I’m sure you’ll find it!

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Double Rainbow Over Old Man Mountain In Estes Park



It has been raining so much here in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park that I wasn’t surprised to see this beautiful double rainbow over Old Man Mountain the other day.

Pretty, don’t you think?

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Three-Toed Woodpecker In Estes Park



I was walking into town the other day when I heard a Woodpecker nearby. I looked up and there was a Three-toed Woodpecker pecking away on the utility pole. He was making pretty good headway.

I wasn’t sure what kind of Woodpecker it was, but the bit of yellow on its head let me believe it was a Three-toed Woodpecker. I have only seen them a few times over the years in Rocky Mountain National Park, never on the road in Estes Park.

What a treat!

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Endovalley In RMNP Is Lush With Color



With all the rain we had in Rocky Mountain National Park this past spring, the colors in Endovalley are vibrant.

Loved this photograph of the Aspen trees with the Golden Banner wildflowers in the green, green grass.

What do you think?

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Beautiful Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly In My Yard In Estes Park



This pretty, yellow and black Western Tiger Swallowtail was feeding on the Catmint wildflowers in my yard. It’s the first one that I’ve seen this summer.

Beautiful butterfly, don’t you think? Love the orange and blue spots on its tail!

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Always Love The Black-Eyed Susan Wildflower In Estes Park And RMNP!



The Black-eyed Susan has always been one of my favorite wildflowers. I remember them growing up back east. One of my best childhood friends was named “Susie” and we used to see many of them while playing at the beach. with the yellow flowers about 3″ wide. They are very distinct with their very black, large center.

They seem to have bloomed the first or sencond week of August this year. I’ve seen many along the trails and along the sides of the roads.

When they are fully bloomed you can see the yellow pollen atop the puffy, black center. I tried to take this photograph so you could see its delicacy and intricacy.

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