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Gorgeous Sunrise The Other Morning in Estes Park Over Old Man Mountain


The sunrise the other morning was just spectacular! The cloud formation and coloring were so incredible!!

I quickly got my camera out and clicked away…it was only there for a couple of minutes.

It was so pretty with Old Man Mountain so dark in the background. What a way to wake up in the morning!

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It’s Fun To Watch The People Playing In The Snowfield On Trail Ridge Road in RMNP


There are a lot of snowfields along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park this summer. Most of the signs tell you to stay off of them because they are dangerous. But up near Rock Cut on the way to the Alpine Visitor’s Center, there is a snowfield that is just for stopping and playing in. And there were a lot of people doing just that!

On our way back down Trail Ridge Road I saw this group of people having a blast in the snow field. Many were dressed in shorts and t-shirts and having  grand old time. I took this photograph out of our car. I thought it was pretty cool for the end of July!


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There Are Fields And Fields Of Gorgeous Wildflowers In Rocky Mountain National Park This Summer


When I read the Colorado news the other day, it said that the mountains were bursting with wildflowers this summer. They certainly are right! With all of the snow in April and May and then the rains in June, the wildflowers are amazing!

We took a  hike on one of our “secret trails” and there were wildflowers everywhere, in every color imaginable. I wrote about the Mariposa Lily in my Blog the other day and there must’ve been thousands of them on this trail. There were wildflowers of yellow, white, red, purple, pink, blue and orange. Wow!

This is a photograph I thought was pretty, looking out into a meadow of purple locos with the mountains in the background.


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The Cedar Waxwings Are Beautiful Birds In Estes Park, Colorado And Back On The East Coast


As we were walking around Lake Estes the other day, I saw some movement in the trees. There were about 3-4 Cedar Waxwings flitting about from branch to branch. I used to love to watch the Cedar Waxwings back east, picking at the berries.

We stopped and I waited for that perfect photo op. I think I got a pretty good one. A couple was walking by and said to me, “He’s just sitting there posing for you!” He’d just stare at me for a while and then look away.

The Cedar Waxwings are a beautiful and very distinguished bird. They get their name from the colorful spots on their wing tips. I always can identify them by the yellow stripe at the end of their tail which you can see pretty well when they fly.

The Cedar Waxwings are always the last to nest so that they are assured of a good berry crop. Their courtship display involves passing a berry back and forth between the two birds until it is eventually eaten by the female.

I love the black mask on their face and the little tuft of feathers on the back of their heads.




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Spectacular Sunrise Here In Estes Park Yesterday Morning!


I haven’t seen a sunrise like this since last winter. That’s usually when the sunrises are just amazing!

I was lying in bed yesterday morning looking out the window, thinking it might rain with all of the clouds in the sky. I got up and walked into the living room and looked out the picture window. What a different perspective on the morning! It was just spectacular!

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