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There’s Still Snow At Bear Lake In RMNP


Phil and I took a Father’s Day drive up to Bear Lake to see the wildflowers and just take a walk around the lake. It was a beautiful day and the parking lot was almost full. As we walked around the lake, we could still see some patches of snow along the side of the trail. It was pretty cool seeing the snow that far down  in June. The ride up Bear Lake Road was spectacular with all of the wildflwers. We had a  lot of snow in April and May and then a deluge of rain for 2 days about a week ago and the wildflowers are loving it!

If you get a chance, drive up Bear Lake Road and just look at the spectacular wildflowers. They are everywhere and just beautiful!

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Cub Lake Trail In Rocky Mountain National Park Is Spectacular With Views And Wildflowers!


Cub Lake Trail has always been one of my favorite hikes. There is just so much diversity! Every time we go there there is something new to see.

This spring/summer is incredible! The views with the snowy mountains in the background and the array of different wildflowers takes your breath away. It is just so gorgeous!

You can hike part of the way or all of the way to Cub Lake…or even do the Cub Lake-Fern Lake Loop. They are all spectacular!

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The Bull Elk Are Beautiful With Their Velvet Antlers


The Bull Elk lose their antlers each year sometime in March or April and immediately start growing a new set. They grow very quickly. By now they are very large and are covered with a  beautiful velvet which they will shed in another month or two as they get ready for the rut in September. You can also see how their fur is getting very sleek as they lose their winter coats and are ready for summer. They are just exquisite animals!

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Old Hidden Fireplace Right Off TheTrail At Lily Lake In RMNP


Phil and I have walked around Lily Lake hundreds of times in the past few years. We usually take the old dirt road to the left of the parking lot because the meadows down there are filled with beautiful wildflowers. It’s a bit off the beaten path, so it’s more secluded.

The other day we were walking around Lily Lake and I happened to look up into the woods right before the trail breaks off to go to Estes Cone to the left and Lily Lake to the right. About 10 yards away in the woods I saw this old fireplace. It wasn’t even that deep in the trees. I can’t believe we had never seen it before!

We took a few pictures and I figured I’d do a little research when I got home to find out what once stood there. Maybe an old lodge? Or someone’s home?

After looking online I couldn’t find any information. Does anyone out there know anything about this old fireplace? It would be fun to know what  was once there.

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Delicate Little Fairy Slipper By The Stream In The Woods In Rocky Mountain National Park


One of my favorite wildflowers is the Fairy Slipper. I used to see them back east so it is a big treat to see them out here too.

The Fairy Slipper grows from a bulb to be about 5″ tall and has but one leaf and one flower. It loves to grow in moist areas, especially forests. It is a beautiful and endangered species.

The flower is pink with 5 small petals above the “slipper.” I think it is just exquisite!

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