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You can see a beaver’s lodge as you walk along the shore at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. it is made mostly of smaller branches and sticks and goes way under the water.

I was so surprised today when I saw this aspen log in the middle of the trail right near the lodge. It was about 4-5″ diameter which is pretty big for a beaver to drag. It looked like he had gnawed it down across the little pond in the back and then dragged it through the water to his lodge, but he didn’t quite get there. Maybe someone came along? Maybe he got tired?


He sure was a busy beaver!!


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I saw this beautiful purple wildflower on one of the horse trails off of Horseshoe Park in Rocky Mountain National Park last August. I thought it was stunning, but I cannot find it in any of my wildflower books.


Does anyone know what it is? The flowers are small, only about an inch in diameter. Isn’t it just beautiful? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before, have you?


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It’s not often that the water is still at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. But this day, it was just glorious! The reflection of Lily Mountain on the lake was so pretty.

Don’t you think?


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I took this photograph of the Mummy Range from Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park because the colors were so gorgeous and vivid. And then I took it in black and white and can’t decide which one I like better.


Which one do you like better? Color or black and white?


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This bear apparently turned over an oil drum in Estes Park it leaked everywhere! It was all over the sidewalks and the parking lot!

And then I saw these bear tracks right along the sidewalk where he walked after his feast. They are all greasy and about 7″ in length. He must have been a pretty big bear!


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This sunset last week was so beautiful with its vivid pink and orange colors. It was only there for about 45 seconds. I shot  3 photographs and then it was gone.

Very dramatic, don’t you think?


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