Beautiful Wild Geranium Blooming In Estes Park And The Trails Of RMNP

When out on the trails last week, before all of the snow and bad weather the past few days, I saw my first Wild Geranium of the season. It was nestled in right next to a rock which I’m sure gave it some protection and warmth.

They are such a pretty flower with five white petals with pink vein lines. They usually bloom from May to August so it’s nice to know we’ll see them for a while.

Comical Photograph Of The Wild Turkeys Along Bear Lake Road In RMNP

Taking a ride up Bear Lake Road to check out the “snow conditions,” we passed a flock of Wild Turkeys sauntering along the side of the road. This first one looked so regal.

We stopped to take a few pictures as they were pretty high in elevation. It was a cold morning and you could see your breath outside. As I was clicking away, this last turkey puffed out and I thought he looked hysterical! He must have been pretty cold, huh?

The Ball Cactus Is Beautiful And Blooming On Black Canyon Trail On Lumpy Ridge In RMNP

The wildflowers are starting to bloom, especially on Black Canyon Trail. It is one of my favorite hikes to see wildflowers. There are so many different varieties and they bloom at all different times of the season. I was surprised to see this Ball Cactus blooming so early, considering the colder weather that we’ve had recently. But my Plants of the Rocky Mountains book says that they bloom in May and June, so it’s right on time!

Little Snowman Overlooking Old Hidden Valley Ski Slopes And Bowls On Trail Ridge Road In RMNP

The day that Phil and I drove up Trail Ridge Road we stopped at Many Parks Curve to see all of the old Hidden Valley ski slopes. You can see where the old T-Bar was located as well as many of the ski slopes. They are so much easier to see with the snow that trying to find them in the summer when you drive up.

We saw where we snowshoed up the old T-Bar to Trail Ridge Road and then hiked along the road till we got to the bowls. We then snowshoed down Columbine. What a magical day, just trying to relive what life and skiing was like many years ago when Hidden Valley was open.

When I saw this little snowman, it just made my day! I thought it was just adorable!

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