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This will be the last day of my Enjoy Estes Park Blog as we are starting a new adventure and moving to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod was always our first choice for a place to retire but we took a wonderful detour for nine years to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. We have loved meeting the people and enjoying Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park and all that it has to offer. I was never at a loss for photographing everything in sight.

We will be traveling across country to our new home where I just started a new blog called My Cape Cod Blog…Seeing Through Outdoor Eyes. I am excited about photographing all that there is on Cape Cod from the beaches, shells, wildflowers, wildlife and marine life as well as the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on the shore.

I hope you will stay with me and continue to read my blog and learn about a totally different part of our country. I promise you some great new experiences!

Please visit www.mycapecodblog.com

Signing off until I see you next time…on the shores of Cape Cod!


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This fiery sunrise was just gorgeous in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park the other night!

As someone on our Facebook page said, “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky…” one of the lyrics in Colorado’s John Denver song, “Rocky Mountain High.”


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This was such a pretty morning, driving over Trail Ridge Road to the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The clouds were low and the reflection on this little lake was just beautiful.

What do you think?


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We just love hiking the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park. There is no experience like it!


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I have only seen Mountain Death Camas wildflowers twice in Rocky Mountain National Park and both times up on the tundra.

I looked up on the internet why they are called Mountain Death Camas and it is because they are poisonous to both humans and wildlife, thus their name. Guess I’ll stay away from them!


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This Checkerspot butterfly was lazing along Black Canyon Trail on Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park. He’d fly a few feet and then set down and they fly a few feet and then set down….

He seemed to be very content with the little pebbles along the trail.


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