The Alluvial Fan In Rocky Mountain National Park Is Still Frozen But Get Ready!

The Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park is still frozen but you can see little waterfalls starting to form from the melting snow and ice. Like the Big Thompson River, in the springtime it will be a raging waterfall.

The story of the Alluvial Fan is most interesting. If you do hike up to the falls, take a few minutes to read about the catastrophe that occurred in 1982 when the dam at Lawn Lake broke and sent millions of gallons of water down through Horseshoe Park, the campground and down into Estes Park.

It’s a very pretty place for a picnic (in season), a short hike or bring your binoculars and do a little bird watching.

Lumpy Ridge In Rocky Mountain National Park Looked Mystical This Morning


It was a gorgeous morning. The clouds were very low and were so pretty. Phil and I were on our way out to breakfast when we saw these gorgeous clouds over Lumpy Ridge. We took a left on MacGregor Ave. and headed out toward the MacGregor Ranch.

When we got there we pulled over and started clicking away. The clouds looked almost mystical. The rocks where the rock climbers climb were covered with clouds except the very peaks. They reminded me of the Matterhorn.

It certainly was a glorious morning and one that you just drove around Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park looking at all of its beauty.

A Family Of Mule Deer Munching Away In Estes Park, CO

You never know what kind of wildlife you might see when you drive down the road here in Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park. This morning we were driving to Safeway and someone coming the other way starting flashing his lights at us. We thought it must be a cop…but as we got closer, we saw a family of Mule Deer was crossing the road. How sweet!

They all crowded together to eat what they couldget  from these bushes at someone’s house. There were 6 in all and they were pretty hungry!

Seeing The Mummy Range In Rocky Mountain National Park In Black And White


I was experimenting wth my camera the other day. You see, Phil is the master photographer and I try to learn from him.

We were driving past Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park when I wanted to take a photograph. It came out pretty but then Phil said, “Why don’t you try to take it in black and white.” Here is the result…I love it! It reminds me of an old fashioned photograph that my parents would have taken.

Longs Peak And Rocky Mountain National Park After The Snow Last Weekend

We took a drive into Rocky Mountain National Park just to see how much snow they got last weekend. It was very windy and the snows were blowing and drifting across the road, so we only made a short loop.
This picture of Longs Peak (the highest peak in RMNP at 14,259′) and the mountain range was just so spectacular. You can see the snow blowing  off the top of the mountains which are just gorgeous this time of year!

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